Synoptic-scale 10-day outlook based on ECMWF forecasts

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  • The outlook is updated every 12 hours based on the latest ECMWF HRES (10-day high resolution) and ENS (15-day ensemble) forecasts. Figures from 18/02/2022 on are stored and available upon request.
  • The upper panel fields correspond to the HRES output and the middle panel fields correspond to ENS products. The lower panel shows the ensemble spread of Z at 500hPa in the last forecast and provides an indication of forecast jumpiness via the evolution of ensemble-mean Z at 500hPa through the last 4 forecasts.
  • The Rossby wave packet (RWP) amplitude is based on the envelope of meridional wind following Fragkoulidis and Wirth (2020). Potential Vorticity (PV) is computed based on u, v, and T on pressure levels and then interpolated on the indicated isentropic level.
  • Anomaly fields for MSLP, T, and v are defined as deviations from the respective mean annual cycles over the ERA5 1979-2019 period.
  • The probabilities for 10-m wind gusts exceeding 15m/s and total precipitation exceeding 5mm or 20mm refer to the 24-hour period centered on the indicated valid time. The probabilities for standardized temperature anomaly at 850hPa exceeding 2 standard deviations refer to the instantaneous fields.
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